Prefer to take care of your course QA on your own?

Use templates! Here’s a free template to

  • create perfect course introductions
  • attract the right audience
  • prevent bad reviews

Online Course Quality Assurance

You’ve created a course, but before publishing you need

  • A second opinion?
  • A quick review of your course?
  • A thorough analysis and ideas for improvements?

Many course creators ignore QA. Instead, they wait for user’s feedback and then improve their course. While this is important and leads to improved courses over time, this strategy also puts them at the risk of alienating their users by not getting it right the first time. Once users provide negative feedback, it is often too late to change their perception of the course’s quality. Clients and potential recommendations have already been lost.

Subtle tweaks, changes and improvements before publishing can go a long way towards the acceptance and positive reception  (which translates to your financial success) of an online course.

Get an expert to take your course from good to great!

What is Quality Assurance? 

Here’s a definition:

Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers […] differs subtly from defect detection and rejection in quality control, and has been referred to as a shift left as it focuses on quality earlier in the process


Quality Assurance For Online Courses

Quality Assurance for online courses comprises aspects such as

  • Proofreading (is the wording correct?)
  • Expert review (is the content correct?)
  • Technical review (does everything work as expected?)
  • Didactic review (do users learn instead of just read?)
  • Usability analysis (is the course easy to use?)
  • Course structure and navigation analysis (can users find their way around?)

At soloprenaut, I can offer all of these reviews, the only exception being expert reviews as these require a subject matter expert.

We’re currently working on defining the details of this service. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch!